Premium Resin Tech

R&D Resin LLC provides composites consulting for specialty epoxy formulations, and Premium Resin Tech. LLC is a custom epoxy formulation company dedicated to helping customers improve their product with inventory control and a variety of cost-effective resin product offerings.

We offer over 63 variations on room-temperature and high-temperature epoxy resins used both to mold parts and to produce tooling (to mold parts). These products find use in a variety of industries including: aerospace, automotive, sports equipment, medical, marine, and military.

Unlike multinational compounders, we focus on customizing all our products to meet the specific needs of our customers’ applications and processes. Company principals have been directly involved in the formulation of new polymer products for over 35 years and have strong track records in improving formulation characteristics, customizing products to the needs of specific industries, and helping their customers achieve great results again and again.

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