About Us

Here at Composite Envisions, we are committed to composites. We feel our purpose, a calling if you will, is to share our passion for composites with customers of all sizes. We do this by providing quality products & services combined with valuable, practical knowledge & exemplary service.

With over two decades in the carbon fiber & composite materials industry, we’ve grown & changed a lot. Our journey as a business and organization parallels that of carbon fiber, and just like the product we love so much, we are only just getting started. We consistently strive to be on the leading edge of innovation, technology & materials in the carbon fiber landscape. That’s not just lip service to the business aspects (our CFO made us add that); we also do it because it’s a lot of fun.

While we may have started small, our ideas were always big. Over the years, we’ve expanded not only our material offerings but also our general service & manufacturing capabilities. Today we manufacture custom composite panels from decorative veneer to thick, rigid plates suitable for various applications. We’ve also expanded our capabilities in custom CNC machining, water-jet cutting & tooling.

We are committed to composites. We can’t wait to put that commitment to work for you.