Part Wrapping Kit

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    Selecting materials for wrapping/covering existing parts in carbon fiber just got easier with our pre-made kits. These kits include all of the materials you need to cover your parts in carbon fiber to give them that desired look



    Item SKU Quantity
    Carbon Fiber Fabric 2×2 Twill 3k 50″/127cm 7oz/238gsm High Density F-1902-50 1 yd
    Thin Epoxy Resin 1159 Quart
    2:1 Epoxy Hardener – Slow Cure 1160 1 Pint
    Pigment – Black 667-2oz 2 oz
    Rexco – Partall Paste #2 Wax 496-12oz 12 oz
    Disposable Nitrile Gloves 409 8 pack
    Plastic Spreader 4″ 966 3
    MEKP Measuring Cup 1oz Size 402 2 pcs
    Mixing Container With Measurements (Pint) 403 3 pcs
    Sand Paper (3000 grit) 120-3000 grit 1 pc
    1″ Bristle Brush 1997 3
    Tongue Depressor Wood Mixing Sticks 952 6 pcs
    Part Wrapping Kit Instructions Click to Download 1
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