RDR-1302 High Temperature Aluminum Filled Surface Coat

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    RDR-1302 is a high temperature, room setting epoxy surface coat. It has good vertical hang up, yet applies easily with a brush, making it especially versatile. It is also highly polishable.

    RDR-1302 was specifically formulated for nickel mandrels, but will work well in a variety of applications.

    Use RDR-1302 with RDH-9106 or RDH-9302 Hardeners

    This product is sold by weight. 10 Lbs = aprox 1 Gallon; 50 Lbs = aprox 5 Gallons.


    RDH-9302 RDH-9106
    Color Grey Grey
    Pot Life @ 72oF (200g mass) 14 mins 60 mins
    Viscosity gel gel
    Ratio by Weight 100:16 100:16
    Flexural Strength @ 72oF 15,000 psi 16,000 psi
    Tensile Strength 9,500 psi 10,500 psi
    Compressive Strength 15,000 psi 16,000 psi
    Heat Distortion 350°F 350°F
    Hardness, Shore D @ 72oF 90 90
    Cure Schedule 24 Hrs 24 Hrs
    Shelf Life Resin / Hardener 1 Year 1 Year

    Recommended Post Cure: If tool is used at high temperature.

    Upon Completion, the tool should be allowed to cure at ambient temperature for 24 hrs. Post cure cycle should be 50°F per hour (Tool Temperature, not air Temperature). Not more than 5°F per min.


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    TDS – RDR-1302 / RDH-9302, RDH-9106 TDS

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