RDR-3121 RDH-9386 High Impact/High Temp Vacuum Infusion Epoxy 3:1 325° F – Kit Size 1.33 Gallon

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    The RDR-3121 Epoxy and RDH-9386 Hardener High Impact/High Temp Vacuum Infusion Epoxy Kit is a very high quality resin system which works perfect for the vacuum infusion process and RTM. This specific epoxy resin has many additives which make this a far superior infusion resin system. It was formulated by a chemist who makes resins for Indy cars and Boeing so you are guaranteed you will get a superior resin that is specifically tailored for carbon fiber and composites. This resin has many additives such as micro rubber granules to reduce brittleness and improve impact strength. The resin is also formulated for high temp applications to 325°F. The resin also has special air release additives which aid in the release of bubbles from your part. This is a very advanced resin of high quality. This resin can be custom formulated (in larger qty’s) to have a pot life from 5 minutes to 3 days. This resin is a thicker resin compared to most RTM resins, however as it was formulated by a composite resin chemist, it does work amazingly well. This resin will cure at ambient temp but to achieve full high temp stability, the part needs to be post cured.

    You must use a special resin for vacuum infusion. If you try infusing the wrong type of resin you will not get the proper saturation in your laminate and you will have many air voids which cause weak spots. Also a thicker resin will not flow properly and will not flow entirely across your part. This resin was designed for use in our own production process of composite parts but due to customer request we added this product on our site for purchase. This epoxy is made here in the USA. Hardener is included with this resin.

    To ensure quality results and proper curing, please make sure to use the resin shortly after purchase. This resin is also available in 5-Gal Pails, Drums and Totes.

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    RDR-3121 / RDH-9386, RDH-9386-99 TDS

    1806 SDS

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