RDR-3121-RTM High Impact/High Temp Vacuum Infusion Epoxy

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    RDR-3121 is an unfilled clear epoxy resin system with a long pot life. This resin is tough, strong, impact resistant resin with good heat distortion and chemical resistance. It has excellent wetting quality, flow and air release for R.T.M. and injection resin system.

    Use the RDR-3121 Resin with either the RDH-9106, RDH-9234, RDH-9386, RDH-9386-99, or RDH-9874 Hardeners.

    This product is sold by weight, 8 Lbs = aprox 1 gallon; 45 Lbs = aprox 5 gallons.

    To ensure quality results and proper curing, please make sure to use the resin shortly after purchase. This resin is also available in Drums and Totes.

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    RDR-3121 / RDH-9234 TDS

    RDR-3121 / RDH-9386, RDH-9386-99 TDS

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