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Epoxy 2-Part Tooling Putty – Adjustable Viscosity

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    This 2-Part Epoxy Tooling Putty is a great way to quickly produce molds with ease. Mix part A with part B at a 1:1 ratio and then press it onto your parts to make a mold. Our putty is unique because it has an adjustable viscosity. As you mix the tooling putty more and more, you will continue to pop the micro bubbles in the mixture which will make the viscosity less and less the more you mix it up. It is a very high quality system that is a step above the rest.

    Each 1 Gallon Kit (1/2-Gal A, 1/2-Gal B) will yield enough for 2.5 sq ft at 1/2″ thickness.

    Each 2 Gallon Kit (1-Gal A, 1-Gal B) will yield enough for 5 sq ft at 1/2″ thickness.

    Each 10 Gallon Kit (5-Gal A, 5-Gal B) will yield enough for 13 sq ft at 1/2″ thickness (Special Order Only, please contact us for availability)

    • Mixing Ratio 1:1
    • Pot Life – 120 min
    • Hardness (shore D) – 62
    • Heat Distortion – 200° F
    • Part # for Part A – RDR-6002
    • Part # for Part B – RDH-6002

    Sold in 1, 2 & 10 gallon kits.

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    RDR-6002 / RDH-6002 TDS

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