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Kevlar is the lightest weight and toughest fabric type widely used in composite industry. It is used today as a fabric alone in bullet proof vests, impact and cut resistant safety equipment, and used as a fire retardant. Kevlar has the highest benefit between being used as fabric or composite. In composite form, Kevlar is used to produce structures that provide the best impact and abrasion resistance characteristics in comparison to other fibers. Kevlar fills the gap of stiffness between fiberglass and carbon fiber while providing high strength reinforcement. Kevlar can be difficult to cut and process unless the correct tools are used. Kevlar composite parts are almost always painted as they will degrade over time when exposed to UV radiation and sunlight.

Common Applications: High Performance Aircraft & Aerospace Structures, Body Armor, Surf boards, Motor Sports Protection, Kayaks, Canoes, and Pressure vessels, Boat Hull Transoms, Automotive body parts

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