High Temp – Black Surface Coat RDR1902 RDH9302 – Kit Size 11.75 LB

SKU: 1834-10lb|1846-2lb


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    This specialty tooling gelcoat is more durable than your basic gelcoat. This gelcoat is recommended for mold making due to its superior strength and ability to resist scratching/other damage. Over time, tooling gelcoat will last for many more mold cycles. Epoxy tooling gelcoat is far superior than our standard polyester tooling gelcoat

    • Epoxy qty: 1 Gallon
    • Epoxy Part Number: RDR-1902
    • Hardener qty: .175 Gallons
    • Hardener Part Number: RDH-9302
    • Pot Life: 14 Minutes
    • Hardness Shore D: 78
    • Heat Distortion Temp: 350° F
    • Shelf Life: 12 months
    • Mixing Ratio by Weight 100:16
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    RDR-1902 / RDH-9302, RDH-9106 TDS

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