Fiberglass Repair Kit

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Fiberglass Repair Kit
The complete Fiberglass Repair Kit has everything you need for small to medium size fiberglass repair jobs. Like all of our kits, we’ve leaned on our years of experience to create the perfect grouping of products to insure you can complete your project without having to worry whether you’re missing something or not. Rest assured, we have you covered!

Included in our Fiberglass Repair Kit is:


Item SKU Quantity
Hexcel HexForce Fiberglass E-Glass Plain Weave 7.25oz/246gsm Style 7532 F16 Finish 50in/127cm F-1023-50 1 yard
Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat 13.5oz/458gsm 50in/127cm F-460-50 1 yard
General Purpose Polyester Resin – 1 Gallon (includes Hardener / Catalyst) 10727 1 Gallon
MEKP Measuring Cup 1oz Size 402 2
3M 762 Bondo Long Strand Fiberglass Filler 20221 1 quart
Bristle Roller 1in Diameter – 3in 1470-3″ 1
Bristle Brush – 1in 1997-1 2
Bristle Brush – 2in 1997-2 2
Plastic Spreader 4in 966 2 pc
Nitrile Gloves Disposable – 8 pair for starter kits 409 8 pr
Mixing Container With Measurements – 1 Quart 403 3 pc
Tongue Depressor Wood Mixing Stick 952 5
Sand Paper Kit 120-3000 Grit 11228 1 pc
Sanding Aid/Surfacing Wax (Modifier-C) Pint 1595 1 pint
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