RDR-3410 Room Temperature Epoxy

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    Premium Resin Tech products provide custom epoxy formulations that are dedicated to helping customers design, fabricate, and improve their composites with cost-effective resin solutions. The full-line resin selection is aimed to produce composites tools and parts of the utmost quality specifications meeting a wide range of applications based on the customer’s need.

    RDR-3410 is an unfilled clear epoxy resin yielding tough, strong, impact resistant composite laminates with maximum heat distortion of 200°F. The system provides chemical resistance and excellent wetting quality, flow, and air release on Kevlar, Carbon graphite and Fiberglass cloth reinforcements.

    Choose a hardener based on desired pot life tailored for your process:

    RDH-9386: RTM Room Temperature Hardener provides a pot life of ~45 minutes at 72°F.
    RDH-9386-99: RTM Hardener provides a pot life of ~60 mins at 72°F.
    RDH-9874: High Impact Fast Curing Laminating Hardener provides a short pot life of ~15 mins at 72°F.

    Note: This product is sold by weight. 8 Lbs = aprox 1 Gallon; 45 Lbs = aprox 5 Gallons.

    To ensure quality results and proper curing, please make sure to use the resin shortly after purchase.

    Premium Resin Tech products are engineered and manufactured in the USA.

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    RDR-3410 / RDH-9150-NC TDS

    RDR-3410 / RDH-9386 TDS

    RDR-3410 / RDH-9386-99 TDS

    RDR-3410 / RDH-9874 TDS

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