Azox Hardener Catalyst

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    This Azox is the catalyst/hardening agent for polyester resins and vinylester resins. Mix at a ratio of 1.75%. For increased speed and cure you are able to mix up to a ratio of 4%. This item has a shelf life of approximately 2-3 months. This hardener will yield approximately the same amount of working time as MEKP however once the curing starts, it will be a more intense and stronger cure.

    Please make sure your resin is compatible with Azox hardener before using.

    This item is in stock but due to short shelf life, this product may be shipped direct from the manufacturer. This may add 1-3 business days to lead time.

    This item is flammable and can only be shipped by ground. If you paid for expedited shipping, we will refund you the difference for it to be shipped by ground.

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    Azox Hardener Catalyst SDS


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    Azox Hardener Catalyst SDS

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