PRO-SET Surf-board Resin ACE-166 Absolute Clear

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    PRO-SET Surfboard Epoxies are brilliant, ultra-clear systems formulated for high-volume production with fast flip times for easy process optimization. This resin will provide great UV resistance and color stability.

    ACE-166 Absolute Clear can also be used to provide a colorless clear finish over dark surfaces or wood.

    Featuring very low to no blush while sanding easily without complicated additives and superior physical properties with room temperature cure.

    ACE-166 Resin is designed to work with a selection of hardeners mixed at a ratio of 2:1 to meet the needs of customers in an array of climate conditions.

    ACE-262: Fast Hardener is formulated for hot coating and shops located in cooler climates providing a tack-free cure time of less than two hours at 85°F and just under 3 hours at 72°F.
    ACE-265: Slow Hardener features low exotherm and is formulated for laminating, potting and shops in warmer climates providing a tack-free cure time of approximately 4 hours at 72°F.

    Commonly used with carbon fiber and other reinforcement materials, clear coatings on wood, surfboard laminations and other board sport products in a production setting.

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