PRO-SET ADV-175-BK Epoxy Adhesive Resin – Black

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    RESIN ONLY – Hardener purchased separately

    PRO-SET Assembly Adhesives are high performance pre-thickened, two-part epoxy adhesives used for secondary bonding of laminated composites as well as steel, aluminum, cast iron, concrete, stone, and most woods. PRO-SET Adhesives will bond these materials, to themselves, or to one another in any combination. The versatility offered in these assembly adhesive systems fits the requirements of not only composites & marine industries, but as well as the architectural, transportation, and civil engineering fields.

    The PRO-SET ADV-175 Adhesive epoxy system is a cost effective, excellent multi-purpose adhesive for this wide range of materials. This shear-thinning thixotropic gel offers a mixture to fills gaps and will not sag on vertical surfaces. The material aggressively wets out the substrate, making priming or pre-wetting unnecessary on most surfaces, while ensuring a quality bond between prepped substrates. This system features a room temperature cure.

    PRO-SET ADV-175-BK Resin may be paired with any of the following hardeners. Each are suitable for most composite bonding applications:

    All PRO-SET Assembly Adhesives are packaged in cartridges, pails or drums, are available in No Color (NC), Quality Control Green (QC) and Black (BK).

    This resin system has a shelf life of approximately 18 months. To ensure quality results and proper curing, please make sure to use the resin shortly after purchase.



    *Please note: Some Pro-Set items may drop ship direct from the manufacturer, which may increase transit times.

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    PRO-SET ADV-175-BK Adhesive SDS

    PRO-SET ADV-175 Epoxy with ADV-273 Hardener TDS

    PRO-SET ADV-175 Epoxy with ADV-275 Hardener TDS

    PRO-SET ADV-175 Epoxy with ADV-276 Hardener TDS

    PRO-SET ADV-175 Epoxy with ADV-277 Hardener TDS

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