PRO-SET ADV-276-QC Epoxy Slow Toughened Adhesive Hardener – Blue

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    Hardener Only – Resin Purchased Separately

    PRO-SET Assembly Adhesives are pre-thickened, two-part epoxy adhesives used for secondary bonding of laminated composites as well as steel, aluminum, cast iron, concrete, stone, and most woods. PRO-SET Adhesives will bond these materials, to themselves, or to one another in any combination. This versatility fits the requirements of the marine and composites industries, as well as the architectural, transportation, and civil engineering fields.

    ADV-276-QC Blue Hardener should be used with ADV-175-BK (Black), ADV-175-QC (Yellow), ADV-176-BK (Black) or ADV-176-QC (Yellow) Resin

    ADV-276 Slow cure speed hardener provides approximately 90 minutes of working time at 72°F.

    All PRO-SET Assembly Adhesives are packaged in cartridges, pails or drums, are available in No Color (NC) and Quality Control Green (QC) (Yellow Resin and Blue Hardener).


    *Please note: Some Pro-Set items may drop ship direct from the manufacturer, which may increase transit times.

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    PRO-SET ADV-276-QC Adhesive SDS

    PRO-SET ADV-175 Epoxy with ADV-276 Hardener TDS

    PRO-SET ADV-176 Epoxy with ADV-276 Hardener TDS

    Epoxy Mixing Guide

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