RDR-3350 High Impact/High Temp Tooling Epoxy 450° F

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    RDR-3350 high temperature laminating tooling resin system, cures at room temperature, but requires post cure to obtain optimal physical properties. RDR-3350 is extremely tough, excellent handling, has good dimensional stability with excellent heat distortion. RDR-3350 is especially suited for tools requiring elevated temperatures. To reach ultimate physical properties, post cure is necessary. Post cure varies depending on the temperature use of the tool. RDR-3350 maximum temperature is 500° F.

    This resin can be custom formulated (in larger qty’s) to have a pot life from 5 minutes to 3 days. This resin is a thicker resin compared to most RTM resins, however as it was formulated by a composite resin chemist, it does work amazingly well. This resin will cure at ambient temp but to achieve full high temp stability, the part needs to be post cured.

    This resin was designed for use in our own production process of composite parts but due to customer request we added this product on our site for purchase. This epoxy is made here in the USA.

    Use the RDR-3350 Resin with the RDH-9234 Hardener.

    This product is sold by weight. 8 Lbs = aprox 1 Gallon; 45 Lbs = aprox 5 Gallons.


    Pot Life @ 72oF (200g mass) 150 mins
    Ratio by Weight 100 pbw to 25 pbw
    Ratio by Volume 4 to 1
    Flexural Strength @ 72°F 55,000 psi
    Flexural Strength @ 350°F 36,000 psi
    Flexural Modulus @ 72°F 6.25 x 106
    Flexural Modulus @ 350°Fo
    4.10 x 106
    Hardness, Shore D @ 72oF 85-90
    Hardness, Shore D @ 350oF 84-86
    Heat Distortion
    Specific Gravity, Resin 1.18
    Co-Efficient of Linear Thermal Expansion 3.4 x 106/°C
    Shelf Life Resin / Hardener 1 year

    Upon Completion, the tool should be allowed to cure at ambient temperature for 24 hrs. At that point, apply an oven cure; cycle should be 50°F per hour (tool temperature, not air temperature). Not more than 5°F per min.

    1-Hour 100°F , 1-Hour 150°F, 1-Hour 200°F, 1-Hour 250°F, 1-Hour 300°F, 1-Hour 350°F, 2-Hours 400°F, Then Back down the same.

    To ensure quality results and proper curing, please make sure to use the resin shortly after purchase. This resin is also available in Drums and Totes.


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    24 hours at room temperature + Post Cure

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    RDR-3350 / RDH-9234 TDS

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