RDR-3212 High Impact Room/High Temperature Laminating Resin

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    Premium Resin Tech products provide custom epoxy formulations that are dedicated to helping customers design, fabricate, and improve their composites with cost-effective resin solutions. The full-line resin selection is aimed to produce composites parts of the utmost quality specifications meeting a wide range of applications based on the customer’s need.

    RDR-3212 is an unfilled clear epoxy designed for use in both high temp and room temp applications. The High Impact system provides both toughness and strength in a composite matrix with heat distortion temps ranging 250-325 °F dependent on the selected hardener and post cure. This epoxy system provides strong chemical resistance while promoting excellent adhesion and wetting quality on Kevlar, Carbon graphite and Fiberglass cloth reinforcements. As with most high temperature systems, laminates will achieve a demoldable state overnight at ambient temperature. In some instances, tools may be used without post cure. However, for most uses at elevated temperature, post cure is recommended.

    Choose hardener based on desired pot life or service temperature:

    RDH-9234: Room Temperature/High Temperature Hardener provides a pot life of ~165 minutes at 72°F with a heat distortion temp of 300°F.
    RDH-9386: RTM Room Temperature Hardener provides a pot life of ~45 minutes at 72°F with a heat distortion temp of 325°F.
    RDH-9386-99: RTM Hardener provides a pot life of ~60 mins at 72°F with a heat distortion temp of 325°F.
    RDH-9874: High Impact Fast Curing Laminating Hardener provides a short pot life of ~15 minutes at 72°F with a heat distortion temp of 250°F.

    This system cures at room temperature but requires post cure to obtain optimal mechanical and thermal properties.

    Note: This product is sold by weight. 8 Lbs = aprox 1 Gallon; 45 Lbs = aprox 5 Gallons and is also available in larger quantities. (Drums and Totes)

    To ensure quality results and proper curing, please make sure to use the resin shortly after purchase.

    Premium Resin Tech products are engineered and manufactured in the USA.


    ** Please be aware that 500 lb drums may have a lead time associated with them regardless of indicated stock status.**

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    RDR-3212 / RDH-9234 TDS

    RDR-3212 / RDH-9386 TDS

    RDR-3212 / RDH-9874 TDS

    RDR-3212 / RDH-9386-99 TDS

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