Precision Cut Chopped Fiberglass – Orange

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    This precision cut material is made from e-glass that has been custom dyed to remain bright and vibrant in color. Precision cut chopped fiberglass comes in 3/8″ lengths Sold by the lb. These materials can be mixed in with resin to create a homogeneous material with fiber running in all directions. Unlike traditional woven fabric which has a majority of its strength in a couple directions, this unique layup has its own advantages. These materials are often used with resins to make a slurry for injection molding but can be hand mixed and used throughout your parts. This material if applied by hand can be adhered to the mold surface to create a “forged fiberglass” appearance to your parts. This precision cut material is made from e-glass fiberglass that is sized for thermoset resins such as epoxy, vinylester and polyesters. This available with sizing for (upon special request) for use with thermoplastic resins.

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