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    Duratec Reducer 39UCE is the perfect solvent for the Duratec product range.

    Duratec Reducer was specifically designed to thin and adapt to Duratec products without altering its original properties. This product is a blend of solvents formulated to enhance the flow and leveling of Duratec primersandtop coats.

    • Matches the original solvent cut, assuring complete compatibility.

    • Efficient: little reducer is required to cut the viscosity for good spraying. Allows for reduced air pressure reducing overspray and eliminating orange peel.

    • No HAPS.

    • Fast Evaporating: does not extend the cure time of the sprayed-out Duratec.

    • Improves leveling: reduce or eliminate orange peel.

    • Will not create the rough surface associated with dry spray.

    • “Dry”…low water content to avoid fogging or dulling topcoats

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    Specific Gravity, 77°F/25°C.

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