904-046 Duratec Clear Hi-Gloss Topcoat – 1 Gal

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A high-build, easy-sand coating designed as a topcoat for cured polyester, polyurethane and lacquer clear or color coats.

Can be sprayed directly into the mold prior to the layup of parts to give a smooth clear coat finish when pulled from the mold. This method is referred to as In Mold Clear.

Catalyst (MEKP) is NOT included with this product but can be purchased separately HERE


To topcoat wood and MDF substrates, including architectural woodwork, automotive dashboards, kitchen cabinets, marine and aircraft interiors and musical instruments.

FeaturesYou’ll get a superior finish, add quality and save time and labor with Duratec Polyester Clear Hi-Gloss Topcoat. Here’s why you should choose Duratec Polyester Clear Hi-Gloss Topcoat.

  • Easy to apply – Sprayable and quick building, to 10-15 mils, 250-375 microns,thickness.
  • High gloss – Sands easily and polishes to a non-wax, tack-free high gloss finish.
  • Resists fisheyes – Unique additives reduce the risk of fisheyes and pinholes during the spray application.
  • Superior finish – You’ll get a glossy, hard, chemical resistant finish.
  • Easily topcoated – Can be topcoated with lacquers, enamels, polyurethanes, varnishes, etc. to achieve high-gloss or low-luster, hand-rubbed finishes.

Use instructions:
The use of Duratec 823A Polyester Sealer or Duratec 5604-001 Polyurethane Sealer (for oily woods or over an alcohol stain) is recommended.

  • Thoroughly mix the Duratec Clear Polyester Topcoat.
  • Measure out an amount that can be sprayed in 15 minutes, usually about a quart with a HVLP Spray Gun.
  • Assure an appropriate spray gun is available and clean. Dry compressed air is recommended for air-assisted spray guns. 1.4 to 1.8 mm tip is ideal. About 34-40 pounds of break-up air is usually required. Use the lowest pressures possible to minimize orange peel.
  • Catalyze with 2% MEKP Catalyst. About 20 CC/quart is required. Stir thoroughly.
  • Start with a light pass over the wood or MDF. Wait two minutes, then make a build coat of 4-6 mils. Wait two minutes. Continue to make build passes, with two minute waits, until about 20 mils of Duratec is on the surface.
  • Allow to cure at room temperature for at least one hour. At that time, cure can be accelerated by putting the part in a warm room at up to 120° F.
  • Once the surface is fully cured, sand to removed any texture or orange peel. Use as fine a grit of paper as is reasonable. a. It may be necessary to make additional build coats to eliminate all surface profile and grain texture. Allow at least eight hours after sanding before re-coating.
  • Continue sanding with progressively finer grits up to 1000 grit paper. Assure that at least 8 hours passes between the beginning of sanding to the beginning of polishing.
  • Compound and polish to a high gloss. We recommend Aqua Buff 1000-F, followed by Aqua Buff 2000

Please view the Technical Data Sheet and Application Guide below for information on cure times, application methods and equipment needed to properly use this material.

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Technical Data Sheet and Application Guide


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Technical Data Sheet and Application Guide


Duratec Product Line

Duratec Product Selector Guide

Hawkeye Shelf Life Statement

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