Dunapol Two Part Expanding Foam 5lb Kit

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Please Note: The 5 Gallon, Drum & Tote Kit sizes have a two-week lead time as they are made when ordered to insure maximum shelf-life. Drum & Tote Kit sizes will ship via freight. If you would like to use your own freight carrier/account, please contact us to assist with your order.


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    The Polyurethane Expanding Foam system of 9703 (PART A) / 9707 (PART B) has been formulated to produce a free rise core density of 5.0 pcf.

    This expanding form has a medium/fast cream time. It is designed for pipe-supports required to be obtained in a single-layer at medium/high thickness.


    Please note:

    Per the manufacturer, the thinnest pour of correctly mixed chemicals to get a good foam reaction is 1” of material; on the thickest side, it is not recommended to exceed 6” of material. Anything within that range should provide a good reaction of the two components if they are properly mixed in the correct ratio using the right mixer and speed (1800 – 2000 RPM).

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    Dunapol Expanding Foam - Part A SDS

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