Airtech Stretchlon® 200 Vacuum Bagging Film 60″

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    This Airtech Stretchlon 200 Vacuum Bagging Film. This material is used in vacuum bagging and infusion to create a vacuum chamber for your entire part. Max temp 250°F. This is a specialty bag film which will actually stretch under vacuum. This material will elongate up to 500% or 5 times in size. This material makes vacuum bagging complex parts…very simple. One thing to note is that because this film is stretchy, when doing infusion, it can slow down the flow rate a little bit vs a standard film.


    • Save time bagging with less pleating, as film stretches over complex shapes.
    • High elongation reduces bridging in corners and rework due to low pressure.
    • Unaffected by low humidity, film is always in good condition.

    How we sell

    This roll is 60″ (152.4cm) wide and is sold by the linear yard. The unit price displayed is for 1 linear yard, all volume discounts will be automatically applied when selecting larger quantities of fabric when added to your shopping cart, as indicated in the table above with quantity discount ranges for units purchased.

    Please purchase the number of linear yards that you require. When purchasing multiple yards of the same fabric you will receive one continuous length of that material. We carefully take that material and roll it onto a cardboard core and wrap over with clear plastic or Kraft paper, making sure to keep the fabric in its first quality condition. We pride ourselves as having one of the best material handing crews possible.

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