1799-006 Duratec Grey Vinyl Ester Primer – 1 Gal

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    A high quality primer for composite marine surfaces. An integral part of the Duratec Marine System.

    Catalyst (MEKP 925) is NOT included with this product but can be purchased separately HERE

    • Usage – For one-off and production composite yacht priming, osmosis and blister repairs. Formulated for below waterline, topside and deck applications. For pattern surfacing and mold surfacing.
    • Features – Build in protection, add quality and save time with Duratec Vinyl Ester Primer.
    • Application – Easily applied with sprayer, roller or brush. Saves time and labor.
    • High Build – to 40 mils, 1000 microns, wet on wet, without sagging on vertical surfaces.
    • Quick Cure – Catalyze with MEKP Catalyst. Rapid curing; far faster than epoxy resin systems. Primer will be ready to sand in 1-4 hours, depending on thickness and temperature.
    • Osmosis and Blister Resistance – Proven performance on more than 2000 boats and yachts over a seven-year period.
    • Heat resistance up to 280° F.
    • Strength: Vinyl Ester Primer forms a strong film, resisting cracking.

    Please view the application guide and technical data sheet below for information on cure times, application methods and equipment needed to properly use this material.

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    Technical Data Sheet and Application Guide


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