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Document Category: Composite Reinforcements

What Is Prepreg – Explanation, Advantages and Disadvantages

“Prepreg” is broad terminology in composite fabrication used for describing fabrics that are pre-impregnated with a fully curable, mixed resin […]

Prepreg Selection: Double Sided vs Single Sided

Prepreg selection is usually based on characteristics such as service temperature, ultimate strengths in each direction, cured density, or tack. […]

Carbon Fiber & Concrete Repair – An Unlikely But Very Compatible Duo

Think Carbon Fiber is just for lightweight applications reserved for aerospace, auto racing, and small projects? You may think differently […]

Sizings – Why Do They Matter

Sizings are surface coatings on fibers that hold two major roles in making fibers effective today throughout the composite industry. […]

How Well Carbon Fiber and Other Fibers Shield Radio Waves

Carbon Fiber is known widely in aerospace, sports, racing, the marine industry for its strength, lightweight, and rigidity characteristics. The […]

Resin to Fiber Ratio Explained

When it comes to figuring out how much resin is needed for a given project, planning is key. Investigating how […]

Making Cutting Templates For Molds

Ply cut templates for layups should arguably be made into a process of its own. Well before resin is ever […]

Why Many Thin Layers Are Better Than A Few Thick Layers

When choosing a specific fabric for a given project, there is more than just the selection of carbon vs fiberglass […]

How To Properly Trim Kevlar Parts

Kevlar is the lightest weight and toughest fabric type widely used in composite industry. It is used today as a […]

Shelf Life & Storage of Composite Materials

“Shelf” or “Storage” life are both important characteristics in nearly all composite fabrication products. It is a given material or […]

Prepping Your Parts For Clear Coat

The clear coat application is what stands between a dull carbon finish and a shiny, clear coated work of art […]

Composite Sleeving

Composite Sleeving is used worldwide to fabricate products ranging from aerospace grade rocket bodies to the automotive industry in air […]

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