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XTEND 19SAM External Mold Release 1 gal

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XTEND 19SAM External Mold Release is an air-drying reactive resin solution that cures to a cross-linked semi-permanent coating, which provides multiple release without transfer.

Designed for use in Solid Surface molding, open and closed molding non-gel coated applications where the release is applied in the ambient to 120°F/50°C range and processes occur above ambient temperatures and less than 400°F/204°C with Polyester, Vinyl Ester DCPD, Epoxy, Natural & Synthetic Rubber, & Rigid Polyurethanes. Excellent for any molding application that does not require a high gloss, Class A type finish.

XTEND 19SAM External Mold Release application instructions

1) Wet a clean, woven, lint free cloth, or a heavy-duty plain white paper towel with release.

2) Working in small areas, wipe on a smooth light film. Do not over apply. Do not rub or rework.

3) Allow to dry. Continue application until entire mold is coated.

4) Apply 3 coats of release allowing approximately 15 minutes between each for drying and curing.

Break In: Apply one coat of release after the first, and third release. This will extend release productivity.

Touch Up: Wipe on touch up coats as needed.

This item is flammable and can only be shipped by ground. If you paid for expedited shipping, we will refund you the the difference for it to be shipped by ground.

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XTEND 19SAM External Mold Release SDS

XTEND 19SAM External Mold Release TDS


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XTEND 19SAM External Mold Release SDS

XTEND 19SAM External Mold Release TDS

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