Tip/Nozzle for ES-100 gel Coat Dump Gun

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    Spare nozzle for ES-100 and ES-200 /  spray guns. Nozzles come in various sizes for different applications. Please see the chart below for suggested uses.

    Part # Tip Size Suggested Use
    FN1 1/32in Parting Films
    FN2 1/16in Parting Films
    FN3 3/32in Paints
    FN4 1/8in Resins **
    FN5 5/32in Resins and Gelcoats
    FN6 3/16in Gelcoats
    FN7 7/32in Gelcoats
    FN8 1/4in Gelcoats with Flake
    FN9 9/32in Sand Blasting

    **Note that resin nozzles will produce a fine spray of resin, not designed for mass output of resin to saturate material**

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