Thin Epoxy Resin – 1 Quart (Past Shelf Life)

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    Our Thin Epoxy Resin is a low viscosity liquid epoxy resin based on Bisphenol-A. This Thin Epoxy Resin System is a high-quality resin that is popular for lamination with fiberglass, carbon fiber, Kevlar, or any type of reinforcement. The syrup-like consistency will generate a fast wet-out and easy application of any reinforcement. We recommend choosing your hardener below based on your temperature, curing thickness, desired working time, and desired drying times. The Thin Epoxy will produce a low viscosity, semi-clear, low odor epoxy that is not only ideal for layup use but also as a sealer of porous substrates such as wood because of its penetrating power. You can easily make an adhesive, fairing putty, or filler when combining the Thin Epoxy Resin System with a product from our selection of powder fillers.

    This resin can be used to fit your process with our selection of 2:1 Slow Hardener, 3:1 Medium Hardener, or 4:1 Fast Hardener dependent on the working & cure time desired.

    2:1 Hardener will provide the maximum possible working time. This hardener should not be used in temps under 70° F unless a very long curing time is desired. Slow hardener is ideally used at temperatures above 80° F for optimal overnight curing.
    3:1 Hardener is considered to be the best of both worlds as a medium hardener, our 2:1 epoxy will cure slower and our 4:1 hardener epoxies will cure much faster.
    4:1 Hardener will provide the most rigid laminate qualities due to its extremely fast curing time.

    This epoxy is NON-blushing.

    Note: This resin system is nearing its shelf life of approximately one year. To ensure quality results and proper curing, please make sure to use the resin shortly after purchase.

    Wet lay-up laminating
    Grouts and coatings
    Potting and Encapsulation

    Low viscosity and good color
    Excellent toughness
    Excellent flexibility
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