Rexco – Formula Five Mold Cleaner #2 – 1 Gal (Past Shelf Life)

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    FORMULA FIVE® Mold Cleaner #2 is a general purpose mold cleaner for routine mold maintenance. Use prior to application of mold sealer or semi-permanent top coat. Suitable for use on most mold substrates including those composed of fiberglass,aluminum, steel, and thermoset resins.

    This product has past its stated shelf life.

    FORMULA FIVE® Mold Cleaner #2 is non-abrasive and dissolves build up on mold surfaces caused by wax, silicone, and other contaminants such as grease and dirt, allowing them to be wiped off without softening or dulling the mold surface FORMULA FIVE®
    Mold Cleaner #2 can be used to remove excess semi-permanent mold releases before they fully cure and can be used to reduce surface tension of semi-permanent mold releases in areas of the mold that exhibit gel coat pre-release.

    Use FORMULA FIVE® Mold Cleaner #2 to clean areas of mold before touch up with semi-permanent mold release during production. Useful for removing residues from other cleaners/strippers or spots from water washing. FORMULA FIVE® Mold Cleaner #2 may be used on warm molds.

    Not designed to remove fully cured semi-permanent mold releases or resins.


    FORMULA FIVE® Mold Cleaner #2 is ready to use as received. Do not dilute or mix with other products or solvents. Prior to use on rubber molds, thoroughly test for compatibility on a non-cosmetic portion of the mold. Do not reuse contaminated cloths to apply. Do not return contaminated product to original container.


    FORMULA FIVE® Mold Cleaner #2 should always be used in a well-ventilated area with appropriate personal protection equipment, including solvent resistant gloves and eye protection. Dampen a cotton cloth with FORMULA FIVE® Mold Cleaner#2

    and apply to mold surface prior to touch up with semi-permanent mold release during production, to remove light resin
    scumming or excess uncured semi-permanent mold release, or to reduce the surface tension of molds prepared with semi-permanent mold releases. Using a fresh clean cloth, gently wipe away dissolved residue before cleaner dries. Prior to applying mold release perform tape test in several locations to verify entire surface is clean (if tape adheres very well, the mold is clean).
    LARGER SURFACES / HEAVY DEPOSITS: On larger surfaces work on manageable sections no larger than 5 ft² (0.5 m²) at a
    time. Repeat on neighboring areas, overlapping to ensure complete coverage of mold surface. For removal of heavier wax or contaminant deposits apply FORMULA FIVE® Mold Cleaner #2 with a wet cotton cloth or stiff solvent resistant bristle brush.Work cleaner over mold surface with brush. Wipe away dissolved residue before cleaner dries with clean cotton cloths.Several applications may be necessary to remove stubborn deposits.

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    Formula Five Mold Cleaner #2 SDS

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    Formula Five Mold Cleaner #2 SDS

    Formula Five Mold Cleaner #2 TDS

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