Premium Compressor/Vacuum Pump Diaphragm 1/8 HP

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    This unit can be used as a compressor or a vacuum pump.

    This premium Gast pump is a step above our starter pump that comes in the beginner kits. Our Gast line of pumps are made to withstand the high stresses of continual use and are also oil-less which has no smoke and requires minimal maintenance.

    If you are serious about vacuum bagging/infusion and will be working on projects regularly, we would suggest one of our two premium Gast pumps.

    The construction on these compressor pumps make them more durable for longer service life. They are permanently lubricated, made from corrosion-resistant materials, and have maintenance-free bearings.

    Internal sound suppression material lowers the operating noise, making these units suitable for noise-sensitive environments, such as laboratories and medical facilities.

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