2nd Quality Hexcel HexWeb® Aluminum Honeycomb Core – Spec DS 2100 – 5052 Expanded Panel – 3.4 PCF Density

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    Hexcel HexWeb® Aluminum Honeycomb Core provides exceptional stiffness and strength without added weight overhead. This makes the product ideal for the aviation industry.

    The HexWeb® CR III coating has been developed to offer superior protection for aluminum
    honeycomb exposed to corrosive environments. The HexWeb® CR III system offers a clear protective film that interacts with the aluminum surface forming a stable, tightly adherent bond. The coating is primarily an organometallic polymer type that differs from the normal conversion-type corrosion protective coatings.

    Aluminum HexWeb® CR III Specification Grade honeycomb materials are predominantly used in sandwich structures to meet design requirements for highly engineered structural components. As a structural core material, it finds applications in all types of aerospace vehicles and supporting equipment where sandwich structure offers rigid panels of minimum weight, aerodynamic smooth surfaces, and high fatigue resistance. The same structural properties are also used for commercial applications such as tools, snow and water skis, bulkheads, and floors. Other nonstructural uses are directional air/fluid flow control, RF shielding, and energy absorption.

    Density is 3.4 pounds per cubic foot.

    Note: there may be random dents in material so we are listing this as 2nd quality.


    • Aerospace structural grade honeycomb
    • Excellent corrosion resistance
    • Highest strength and rigidity to weight ratio as a sandwich core
    • Maintain corrosion protection at elevated temperatures
    • Available in 5052 and 5056 alloys
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