Polytack MT-1 BLU Aerosol Tack Adhesive – Blue Tint

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    Polytack MT-1 BLU is a NON-HAP proprietary reactive based polymer spray tack adhesive with a Blue Tint, that is designed to bond dry reinforcements and composite matrices including cores in place prior to introducing resin through various processes like resin infusion, RTM, VARTM, RTM Light or fiberglass pre-forms. MT-1-BLU is uniquely formulated to be compatible with most resin systems; epoxy resins2, unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester resins. MT-1-BLU spraying the solvent flashes and builds tack within seconds and will be tack free in just a few minutes1.


    • Limited to no loss in laminate properties at higher application levels
    • Tack time 15-20 sec, tack free 2-3 minutes
    • Mechanically bonds or holds most types of reinforcements
    • Not affected by ambient temperature or humidity
    • Maintains position of reinforcement for days without sagging
    • Easy to clean up with most organic solvents
    • Very effective tack mechanism
    • Use less than competitive brands


    Follow instructions provided or contact your Polytack LLC. representative for proper types of spray equipment and suitable substrates prior to starting the spray tack application. Open tack time is the approximate time after spray application until the product dries tack free. Product is packaged in easy 12oz aerosol canisters & 5 gallon pails. Product does not settle and it is not necessary to mix before use. Product must be kept in air tight containers. User can be transfer contents to an air assisted HVLP type gun for best performance. Typically applications of less than 15-30 gsm are more than adequate to sufficiently hold reinforcements and independent tests have not shown any measurable loss in physical properties. It is strongly recommended that the user test on their surfaces, gelcoats or fabric reinforcements to determine suitability and substantiate with physical testing. Contents are Highly Flammable, use in a well-ventilated area or use proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and the use of a VOC respirator is recommended! Read Safety Data Sheet before handling or using this product.


    1. The tack time is dependent on temperature.
    2. Independent testing has shown little to no appreciable physical properties loss in bending shear testing at higher than normal applications (< 90 gsm) on VE and Polyester laminates. Using a typical infusion grade Bis A epoxy also has shown no appreciable loss in physical properties at normal application levels < 30gsm. User should always determine suitability of Fibertack MT-1-BLU product.

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