EcoPoxy – Snow White Casting Epoxy – 15L Kit

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    SnowWhite is a highly pigmented, vivid white, two-component epoxy system developed for large casting applications, such as river tables and large furniture pieces. The high opacity, pure white color beautifully contrasts and accentuates the wood grain in live edge projects.

    SnowWhite includes fillers and extra-white pigments allowing for a uniform and incredibly vivid white finish. It has been specially formulated to have excellent air release, and a low exothermic heat buildup to allow for easy casting while preventing stress cracking. Compatibility of the cured system with a variety of finishing methods and products ensures that desired custom finishes can be achieved.

    Used to Create

    • Custom Furniture
    • River Tables
    • Decorative Art Pieces
    • Other Large Casting Projects

    SnowWhite Features

    Excellent Value for Money – Compared to adding pigments to a clear epoxy, using SnowWhite produces a more opaque and consistent white. It is more cost-effective than buying clear epoxy and white pigments. With the pre-blended formula, the pour to finish time is reduced which leads to increased productivity. Time is money.

    Consistent Color Match – SnowWhite includes fillers and extra white pigments which are blended thoroughly, allowing for a uniform and incredibly vivid white finish – between pour, and between projects. SnowWhite mixes easily and has extremely low order, making it a perfect solution if you are looking for a consistent opaque white color for your next project.

    Compatible with Most Finishing Methods – SnowWhite can be easily worked using the same tools you would use when woodworking. It can be sanded, shaped, drilled, tapped, machined, and routered.

    Other SnowWhite Features

    • Ready to Use
    • Excellent Air Release
    • Significant Bio-Based Carbon Content


    SnowWhite is formulated to have a 2:1 resin to hardener mix ratio by volume. Deviation from the mix ratio can result in lower mechanical properties or incomplete cure.

    Mix Ratio by VOLUME – 2:1

    Mix Ratio by MASS – 3.1:1

    Recommended Casting Thickness – 0.5″ to 1.5″


    SnowWhite is a thermosetting resin and will generate heat as it cures. Reactivity level is a qualitative indicator of the rate of reaction and temperature of the resin system’s cure. Peak exotherm is the maximum temperature observed during cure. This can be affected by factors such as casting volume and geometry, the temperature of resin and hardener, ambient conditions, and the ability of the mold to release heat

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    SnowWhite Technical Data Sheet

    SnowWhite Resin SDS (Part A)

    SnowWhite Hardener SDS (Part B)

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