Carbon Fiber Fabric 2×2 Twill Spread Tow 12k 5.66oz/192gsm Toray T700 with Hexcel Primetex 48194-Sample (4″x4″)

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    Please Note: Due to the nature of composite materials, coloration of fabric may change or darken when resin is introduced to your part/fabric.



    This fabric normally has a width of 50″ but this is a 4″x4″ sample with a tow size of 12k and is woven in a 2×2 Twill. Thickness .008″. Made with Toray T-700 Fiber.

    Hexcel part number 48194.


    PrimeTex® is a range of carbon fabrics which have been processed for a smooth, closed weave and uniform cosmetic appearance. The fiber tows are spread in both the warp and weft direction for unique aesthetic appeal. PrimeTex® fabrics are more uniform as the filaments in each tow are spread out creating a thinner and more closely woven fabric that provides better mechanicals and less porosity in a composite. It can also be used to lower the mass in a composite where lighter weight is the key characteristic.

    • Patented technology with fibers spread in both the warp and weft direction
    • PrimeTex® spreading process improves closure factor compared to conventional weaving process (depending on carbon tow and Fabric Areal Weight)
    • Use of higher K tow for a given Fabric Areal Weight (FAW)
    • Weight saving: Up to 20% at affordable cost when replacing HS3K by IM12K
    • Uniform weave and gap-free structure: porosity reduced / less labor for part finishing
    • Excellent water tightness when used in honeycomb sandwich structures
    • Laminate mechanical properties maintained after spreading process with reduced variability thanks to homogenous resin/fiber distribution
    Typical Applications:
    • Aircraft and helicopter sandwich structures and thin monolithic parts
    • UAV/Light Aircraft market targeted by cost to weight
    • Automotive structures (e.g. BMW roof)
    • Sports equipment (e.g. skis)

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    Resin Consumption

    Resin consumption is provided for the approximate amount of resin by weight in the final part after processing by vacuum infusion. This does not account for the resin used in the flow lines and consumables such as flow media or breather cloth. Wet-layup by hand will also have a higher resin consumption in the final part and depends on the user’s techniques. Vacuum bagging a wet layup will improve the resin content. Too much resin will cause a weaker part, not stronger. The average rule of thumb is around 45% (+/- a couple of percent). To calculate actual resin % in your part, a burn test is used. For example, you have a part weighing 100 grams, and you would burn off the resin, which would leave the fiber behind. You should have 55 grams of fiber left when your process is working correctly. Due to the variables in processing, it is hard to give an accurate amount of resin needed to purchase for making your part. However, you will have waste no matter what method is used. A suggested ratio is about 1-1.5lbs of resin per lb of fabric purchased.

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