Carbon Fiber Composite Plate 2×2 Twill

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    This panel has a 2×2 twill weave pattern, one of the most common weave patterns in many markets. The finished side of the panel has a classic 2×2 twill, 3K woven carbon fiber appearance and is nearly pinhole-free with a high-gloss finish. The panel’s backside showcases a matte textured ‘peel ply’ finish suitable for secondary bonding, if necessary.

    Our high-strength vacuum infused composite panels are manufactured using 100% carbon fiber reinforced with a near-clear epoxy resin matrix. All composite stacks are laid by hand to ensure maximum homogenization of fiber alignment. Stacks are then vacuum infused and cured under pressure greater than 28 inches of mercury. The tool is then elevated to an optimal temperature to produce a near-perfect composite panel with high-grade mechanical properties and a class-A surface finish.

    Our panels are also available with an all-weather 3M 6035PC adhesive option. This adhesive covers the entire backside of the panel and has an easy-to-remove backing. Just peel the backing off, and you can adhere the panel just like a sticker. The 3M adhesive backing for this panel is an additional $3.00 per square foot and adds 0.005″ to the thickness of the panel.

    Pictured item is 12″x24″.

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    Laminate Construction

    To ensure maximum structural integrity and flatness throughout all our panels, we produce ‘balanced’ laminates for all panel thicknesses and sizes. This means that the fiber type, weight, and weave pattern are symmetrical throughout all layers of the composite stack.

    Symmetric Laminates: A laminate is symmetric when the plies above and below the mid-plane mirror one another. Symmetrical layups help prevent thermal twisting.

    Panels that are 1.4mm / 1/16’’ or thicker are quasi-isotropic laminates made with non-woven, no-crimp carbon fiber plies, oriented at 0º/90º/+45º/–45º. Quasi-isotropic ply orientation results in a most uniform distribution of strength and enhances both torsional and diagonal stiffness.

    Cross-plied layup will yield a panel with higher structural integrity, which many applications may require. Laminate stacking and ply orientation can be adjusted for specific applications; for example, if you require greater panel strength in a particular direction, you want to avoid increasing the weight with additional plies.

    The detailed lay-ups and fabric stack list can be requested for each of our panels. Please specify the panel model number when inquiring.

    Epoxy: All panels are made with a high-performance epoxy resin that offers excellent mechanical functions, clarity, and improved UV stability. An elevated post-cure temperature is applied to increase the mechanical strength of the panel, resulting in a higher Tg and enhancing the inter-laminar shear strength.

    Our panels are NOT clear coated or UV Protected. To ensure the panel’s longevity, we highly recommend that you apply a clear coat with UV Protection to the surfaces of panels that may be exposed to sunlight, such as DURATEC SUNSHIELD.

    Panel Size and Thickness

    Panels are available in select sizes starting at a minimum of 12’’x 24’’ and increasing 12” at a time in either/both directions, but not to exceed 48’’x96’’.

    Examples: 12″x48″, 24″x36″, 48″x48″, 48″x60″, and 36″x96″.

    Panels are cut by hand*, which may result in a dimensional tolerance of +/- .125” in either direction. Please note that panel sizes are nominal and may be supplied over-sized.

    For panels larger than 24’’x 48’’, custom boxing and shipping fees may apply.

    *Waterjet Cutting: To have your parts arrive at your door cut to precision, you can request your panel(s) be waterjet cut prior to shipping and simply provide a dxf/dwg cad file (additional costs apply).

    Choose your desired panel size and thickness using the drop down lists at the top of the page.

    Need a custom panel? Call us today for your custom panel needs: 715-842-0101

    We are able to offer custom, flat panel fabrication for small runs and prototyping using most fabrics sold on our site. We can produce custom panels at a M.O.Q of 1 – 12’’x48’’ per custom selection.

    Manufacturing & Lead Times


    Our highly technical manufacturing process and equipment allow Composite Envisions to produce composite panels to meet most custom specifications. We currently supply composite panels to numerous world-class manufacturers in various industries, including concept vehicles, motorsport racing, luxury yacht, and aerospace. Please get in touch with us to discuss your composite needs.

    Lead Times

    For standard panels listed on our site, lead times typically range from 7-14 business days. We stock many panels to meet customer needs, but we may need a few days to complete your order due to limitless size, thickness, and color combinations. If your order is time-sensitive, please call and check availability and expected lead times before ordering items.

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