Airtac 2 Mega High Tack Adhesive Spray

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    Airtac 2 Mega is a fine mist spray adhesive, with very high tack, designed for temporary bonding. Airtac 2 Mega can be used to hold dry materials on contours and vertical surfaces. This product is ideally suited to resin infusion applications for holding fabric, peel plies, release films, and infusion mesh in place until the vacuum bag is secured.


    • Very high tack, fine mist adhesive fixes materials faster and more easily.
    • High adhesive to solvent ratio increases useful can content.
    • Superior coverage  –  1.1 g/ft², more work done with less cans used.


    • Product can be applied to one or to both bonding surfaces. Ensure surfaces are clean and free of
      FOD, grease, oil, wax, etc. For best results surfaces should be between 50 – 86°F.
    • Use with adequate ventilation. Shake aerosol well before use. Read SDS information and
      understand before use.
    • Spray 6 – 10 inches away from the surface at 90° to the surface, applying an even coat.
      Allow the adhesive to tack off until there is no transfer when touched. Porous surfaces may require
      a second coat of adhesive.
    • Join surfaces together and press firmly.
    • To prevent the spray nozzle from blocking, at the end of each period of use, turn the can upside
      down and press nozzle until spray is clear of adhesive.
    • Always point can away from self and others.


    • Consult SDS prior to use. Do not store at temperatures over 122°F. Avoid exposure to sunlight.
    • Do not store directly on concrete floor.  Do not allow product to freeze.
    • Not recommended for use on polystyrene foam.
    • Not for sale in California.
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