904-001 Duratec Clear Hi-Gloss Additive – 1 Gal

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Duratec 904-001 has a 20 year history of successful use, blended with numerous gelcoats across North America and Europe. A superior product to blend with gelcoat to create a repair coating. Can be blended with Tooling gelcoat to reduce porosity and improve the surface quality.


  • Contains Air-cure resins and additives eliminate the use of wax and PVA creating a superior finish.
  • Makes gelcoat spray like paint
  • Can be blended 50:50 for air-cure or 25:75 to improve flow and surface (still needs wax)
  • Eliminate low-gloss areas on the edges of repairs. The low gloss donut often seen in gelcoat repairs
  • Reduce porosity in tooling gelcoat. Improves air release thus preventing porosity
  • Better Profile as compared to un-modified gelcoat or gelcoat with wax and styrene
  • Easy to spray from HVLP Spray Guns
  • Greatly reduced yellowing: Gelcoat patched with styrene and wax
  • Contains special additives to prevent UV-induced yellowing and gloss loss
  • Faster and easier repair: the air cure blend created with Duratec 904-001 and gelcoat cures fast and hard, creating a shiny smooth surface that is easy to sand. Eliminate the gummy surface seen with wax and styrene. Prevent the dull surface seen with wax/gelcoat blends.

Recommended Use:

Gelcoat Repair

  • A test blend is recommended, as every blend is unique and the cure must be tested and assured. The cure time of the blend will vary, as every gelcoat is different. Note the cup-gel time.
  • Remove any cracked or damaged gelcoat. Grind out cracks down to the laminate.
  • Repair laminate or assure the laminate is sound.
  • The temperature should be at least 60° F. Low temperatures extend cure times.
  • Sand with 180 grit to a few inches outside the repair area.
    a. Bevel the edge of the existing gelcoat.
    b. Use a repair putty (like Duratec 1810-013 Marine Fairing Putty) to fill in any low areas
  • Blend One:
    a. 1 part (25%) Duratec 904-001 and 3 parts (75%) gelcoat. Catalyze with 2% 50% MEKP catalyst (about 20 milliliters per quart). Note: the 1:3 blend is recommended to maximize the hide (opacity). If opacity is not an issue, use Blend Two for all the repairs.
    b. Spray 3-4 passes over the repair, building up 12-15 mils. Allow at least two minutes between passes. Do not allow the Duratec/gelcoat blend to cure beyond the sticky/thumbprint stage between coats. usually about 30 minutes at 77° F when sprayed, faster in the cup.
  • Blend two:
    a. 1 part Duratec 904-001 and one part gelcoat. Catalyze with 2% of a 50% MEKP catalyst.
    b. Spray at least 2 passes over the repair, building up a additional 8 mils or more. Be sure to get back onto the first passes while they are sticky. Cover all the previously coated area. It is possible to feather the edge of the repaired area with the second blend.
  • Allow to cure completely.
  • Sand with the finest grit that is reasonable for the surface finish. With a good finish starting with 400 grit is possible. The surface must be open for at least 8 hours between initial sanding and polishing. The open time allows for styrene release and full cure.
  • Sand with progressively finer grits like 400, 600, 800, 1000, Compound and polish with products formulated for gelcoat like Aqua Buff 1000-F and Aqua Buff 2000.

Tooling Gelcoat Upgrade:

Blend 10-25% Duratec 904-001 into the tooling gelcoat to improve the flow and spraying characteristics of tooling gelcoat. Catalyze with 2% MEKP catalyst (as recommended by the gelcoat supplier)

Please view the Technical Data Sheet and Application Guide for additional information on cure times, application methods, and equipment needed to properly use this material.

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Technical Data Sheet and Application Guide


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