902-046 Duratec Black Hi-Gloss Topcoat – 1 Gal

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    Duratec Pigmented Hi-Gloss TopCoat is a self-leveling air cured polyester coating. The rapid complete cure will provide a hard glossy surface for patterns and molds. This exceptional coating is easy to sand and polish easily achieving a final gloss over 90 percent. The Hi-Gloss Topcoat will not dull during the mold making process thereby producing a shiny tooling gelcoat surface.

    Catalyst (MEKP) is NOT included with this product but can be purchased separately HERE


    For composite plugs, patterns, wood surfaces and other applications where air-cured chemistry and thin film cure is desired such as mold resurfacing.

    Feature and Benefits

    • Labor Savings– Smooth surface minimizes sanding. Patterns can be finished the day after the Topcoat is applied. Mold prep is also abbreviated due to high gloss transfer.
    • Superior Finish– Porosity free coating produces glossy patterns that retain 98% of their initial gloss after mold making process.
    • Resist Fisheyes– Unique additives reduce the risk of fish eyes and pinholes during the spray application.
    • Air Cure Chemistry– Provides a complete cure even at 10 mils, 250 microns. Ester Primer-

    Usage & Safety Guidelines – Fully follow comments pertaining to specific Duratec products MSDS. Thoroughly machine agitate, or mix this product for 5 minutes prior to use Refer to application guides for full details for using Duratec Products. Do not apply Duratec products at temperatures below 64°F

    Recommended Application Procedures:

    • Catalyst: Syrgis 925 is used for product development and quality control. Other 9% oxygen MEKP-type catalysts may be used. Recommended addition is 2% by volume, or 1.8% by weight. In hot conditions the catalyst may be reduced to 1.5%, in cold, increased to 2.25%. Always mix thoroughly.
    • Duratec Pot Life Extender may be added to primers to double the pot life. Add 2% (after catalyst) to polyester primers (7## codes) and 0.5% to vinyl ester primers (17## codes).
    • Thinner: Duratec Pattern Coatings can be applied through most spray guns without thinner. If a thinner is required, Duratec LAC-39 is ideal. Acetone is not recommended. Most commercial lacquer thinners contain incompatible solvents or high levels of water.
    • Spray Gun Set-up: we recommend a HVLP Spray Gun. A 1.8 mm tip is ideal for the Duratec Pattern Coating. Primers will require a larger tip. Adjust the needle control and fan control to achieve a wide fan with good breakup. Use the lowest air-pressure setting that allows for good breakup. Lower air pressure reduces turbulence, thus reducing over-spray and orange peel.
    • Pattern/Part preparation: sand with 220 grit. Wipe down with a rag wetted with Acetone. Do not use a tack rag, as many tack rags will transfer materials to the surface. Seek a dust-free area around the pattern to reduce contamination while the Duratec is liquid.
    • Spray Technique: start with a fine mist coat. The mist coat should not provide a continuous film on the pattern. Allow two minutes for solvents to flash-off. Apply build coats of 4-5 mils, working in opposing directions. Allow 2-15 minutes between coats for solvent evaporation.
    • Work at a 90° angle, at about 18″ distance.
    • Apply build coats before the previous coat has tacked-off. The coating should be wet enough to transfer to a fingertip. If the previous coat has cured enough that it will not transfer then allow for full cure and sand before continuing.
    • Build at least 10 mils. Allow to cure fully. Sand, and wait at least eight hours before polishing.

    Please view the Technical Data Sheet and Application Guide below for additional information on cure times, application methods, and equipment needed to properly use this material.

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    Technical Data Sheet and Application Guide


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