14″ Vacuum Chamber Digital Heat Pad

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    Please Read Before You Buy!

    Chamber NOT Included, Sold Separately. Heat Pad must fit correct size of chamber!

    This Fahrenheit Heat Pad will adhere to the bottom of the chamber with a peel and stick backing, It will come with simple standoff bumpers that will provide thermal separation from the work surface. The bumpers do not stick well to silicone but get the job done.

    This heater is super accurate, and will hold a temp within a degree (depending on the environment and air movement)The heater includes full instructions to operate it and make PID controller changes. You can leave this heater on for months without any off time.The pad comes with thermal tape seen in the images above. This will be used with a thermal laser gun to shoot the temps. If you have a thermocouple that would be the best method to check and verify temps.

    The controller has a temperature offset that will need to be found to set the controller accurately. Anything you attach a heat pad to will act like a heat sink. So the set temperature will be different from the actual inside temperature. However, the instructions tell you and provide the thermal labels to accurately find the offset and program the difference in. For example: If you set the 3 gallon chamber in the image above to 110°F the actual temp on the bottom surface inside the chamber will read about 101°F on the thermal label. (don’t move the gun around, thermal labels reflect lasers too) Since the inside is reading 101°F and the controller is set to 110°F your offset is 9°F, so Add 9 Degrees to the 110°F setting (119°F) and you will achieve your 110°F on the inside surface of the chamber.

     UL Listed Fahrenheit Digital Controller.
     Min Temp: Ambient 5 Max Temp: 160°F
     Voltage: 110VAC Only
     Power Consumption: 234-watt
     Digital Control: Increments of 1 Degree.
     Accuracy: /- 0.2 Degrees
     Units: Degrees Fahrenheit
     Instructions: Fully included
     Relay Lifespan: Approx. 10 million cycles
     User can reprogram: Yes

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