Innegra S Plain Weave 625 Denier 36"/91.44cm 2oz/68gsm

Minimum Purchase:
1,000 units
Unit of Measure:
Linear Yard

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This fabric is a 2oz Innegra Plain Weave Fabric in a 36" width. Innegra is one of the newest fibers to the market and offers a balance between high performance with reasonable cost. Innegra is often used with high strength carbon fibers to offer protection when parts fail. Innegra also is UV stable and is very tough, durable and impact resistant so it is an alternative to using aramid in your parts. There are many advantages to Innegra and many uses to be discovered.

Innegra is a high modulus polypropylene fiber that can be used independently or in conjunction with other fibers to provide weight reduction, excellent levels of impact resistance and damage tolerance. Innegra also has a very low density and is hydrophobic meaning it is an excellent choice for the leisure market.

We do not keep this material in stock, but this is available for special order. MOQ is 1,000 linear yards.  

Benefits of using Innegra™

Lightweight Innegra™ is the lightest fiber commercially available, it is even lighter than water. Due to its low density it is suited for lightweight composites, ropes, and netting. Bulk Density= 0.84 g/cc Specific Gravity= 0.91 g/ss
Durable Innegra™ material is not brittle and able to withstand extreme wear and tear improving the life of the part
Tough With the tremendous durability of Innegra™, the material is not easily broken or damaged.
Flexible Innegra™ has great flex fatigue and will withstand being bent and folded many of times.
Impact resistant Innegra™ can dissipate a tremendous amount of energy making it ideal for use in high impact applications.
UV Stable Manufactured with a UV inhibitor, Innegra™ provides good UV resistance
Textured Surface Innegra™ has a rough surface creating good knotability
Low Temperature Stability Innegra does not freeze, is extremely tough and does not have a ductile to brittle transition showing stable properties even at -90C.
Chemical Resistant Innegra is resistant to many chemicals making the fiber highly suitable for demanding filtration applications and in the chemical and food industries.
Hydrophobic The moisture regain of Innegra is less than 0.1% meaning the material resist water absorption and break down that may occur
Low Thermal Expansion Throughout the heat transfer Innegra material will have little change in shape or volume.
Fusible Innegra is capable of being melted or fused together easily.
Damping Through the ability to absorb energy Innegra decreases vibrations in an application
Excellent Dielectrics Innegra has very low dielectrics improving signal transmission (list dielectric numbers Dielectric constant Dk 2.2, Df 0.0009)
Low Elongation Compared to other thermoplastic fibers, Innegra has a relatively low elongation (list number 9.5%)
Low Creep Under high levels of stress, Innegra resists deformation. (list number 3.2% @20%UTS 1 yr RT_
Recyclable As a olefin chemistry, Innegra can easily be melted down after use.
Water Stable Wet knot strength is equal to dry knot strength. Innegra does not lose strength or hydrolyze in either ordinary or sea water.

How we sell

This roll is 36" (91.44cm) wide and the fabric is sold by the linear yard. The unit price displayed is for 1 linear yard, all volume discounts will be automatically applied when selecting larger quantities of fabric when added to your shopping cart, as indicated in the table above with quantity discount ranges for units purchased.

Please purchase the number of linear yards that you require. When purchasing multiple yards of the same fabric you will receive one continuous length of that material. We carefully take that material and roll it onto a cardboard core and wrap over with clear plastic or Kraft paper, making sure to keep the fabric in its first quality condition.  We pride ourselves as having one of the best material handing crews possible. We have most of our material available for purchase in sample swatch books per fabric category. Samples of our fabrics can be purchased by Clicking this Link

Product Specs  
Width 36" / 91cm
Weight 2oz / 67.81 gsm
Weave Plain Weave
Density 625 Denier
Pics/Inch 12
Ends/Inch 12
Thickness .011"
Resin Consumption @ 45% Resin to Fabric by Weight 1.63opsy / 54.99gsm

The resin consumption provided is for the approximate amount of resin by weight, contained in the final part after processing by vacuum infusion. This does not account for the resin used in the flow lines and consumables such as flow media or breather cloth. Wet-layup by hand will also have a higher resin consumption in the final part and is dependent upon users techniques. Vacuum bagging a wet layup will improve the resin content. Too much resin will cause a weaker part, NOT stronger. Average rule of thumb is around 45% (+/- a couple percent). To calculate actual resin % in your part a burn test is used. For example you have a part weighing 100 grams, you would burn off the resin which would leave the fiber behind. You should have 55 grams of fiber left when your process is working correctly. Due to the variables in processing it is hard to give an accurate amount of resin needed to purchase for making your part. However you will have waste no matter what method is used. A suggested ratio is about 1-1.5lbs of resin per lb of fabric purchased.

TDS Innegra S 2oz TDS