Carbon Fiber Core Material 50" x 50"

Unit of Measure:

Carbon Fiber Flexible Core Material for use in high end applications. This specialized carbon fiber core material is made with prepreg carbon fiber and offers the utmost performance out there. Material is made using high end PITCH based carbon fiber (Granoc YSH-50A-10S) / cyanate ester resin suitable for space applications. This specialized core material has the ability to orient extremely thin fiber plies in any direction in the web permitted the use of negative-coefficient pitch-based carbon fiber material to yield a net-zero coefficient of thermal expansion in the “L”, “W”, and “T” directions of the core material.

Block Density: 7.07lb cubic ft.

Panel Size: 50" x 50"

Thicknesses Available: .464", .5", 1", 2".



  • Exceptional Formability into Compound Curvatures
  • No Anticlastic or Buckling of Cell Walls in Curved Conditions
  • Equivalent Mechanicals as Hexagonal Cores
  • Cost Savings in Curved Panels
  • Although non-symmetric – W shear properties showed similar results regardless of shear direction