823 Duratec Crystal Clear Sealer 1-Gal

Ground Only

A low viscosity, rapid curing, penetrating sealer that anchors lacquers, urethanes, polyesters, vinylesters and most epoxies to a variety of substrates.

Catalyst (MEKP) is NOT included with this product but can be purchased separately HERE

Usage - For surfacing composite plugs and patterns and for sealing woods and veneers, plaster, concrete, and GRP surfaces.

Features - Save time and add quality with Duratec Polyester Sealer. Here's why you should choose Duratec Polyester Sealer

  • Easy to apply - Spray, brush or roll.
  • Rapid curing - Surfaces are ready for topcoats in 1 to 2 hours.
  • Deep penetration - allows primers and topcoats to bond to a variety of sub-strates.
Product Properties  
All time calculations are based on temperatures of 77°F, 25°C  
Viscosity As measured on a Brookfield Viscometer Model RVF, Spindle #2 at 20 rpm 80 cps
Thixotropic Index 0
Gel Time Sample based on a 100 g mass catalyzed at 2 percent with MEKP 14-16 min
Weight per Gallon 8.59 lb., 3.89 kg

Please view the Technical Data Sheet and Application Guide below for information on cure times, application methods, and equipment needed to properly use this material.

Technical Data Sheet and Application Guide Duratec 823 TDS
SDS Duratec 823 SDS
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Duratec Product Selector Guide Duratec Product Selector Guide
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