1904-045 Duratec Clear Vinyl Ester Topcoat - 1 Gal

Ground Only

An easy-to-apply topcoat for pattern surfaces and resurfacing composite molds. 300°F HDT, Tremendous gloss transfer to the mold's gelcoat. Does not require wax or other additives.

Catalyst (MEKP) is NOT included with this product but can be purchased separately HERE

Recommended Uses:

  • Topcoat for plugs and patterns
  • Mold Re-Surfacing.
  • Other open-cure high gloss interior coatings


  • Porosity Free Surface
  • High Gloss: sand and polish to a non-wax, tack free high gloss finish. Transfers a brilliant gloss to tooling gelcoat to eliminate mold sanding.
  • High HDT: 300° F, 150°C
  • Easy to apply: Sprays easily though HVLP Spray Guns
  • Resists Fisheyes: unique additives reduce the risk of fisheyes, pinholes or surface defects.
  • Smooth Finish: minimal orange peel.

Use Instructions:

  • Mix thoroughly with a drill-mounted mixer or paint shaker. Hand stirring is not enough.
  • The primer should be sanded with 220 grit, and wiped down with a acetone-dampened rag. Do not use tack clothes.
  • Duratec Hi-Gloss Topcoat is designed to be applied when the ambient temperature and part temperature are both above 68°F.
  • Catalyze with 1.75-2.25% MEKP Catalyst. A low Hydrogen Peroxide (monomer) catalyst is recommended to avoid off-gassing and porosity. Mix completely.
  • Hi-Gloss Topcoat should be applied by spraying. Spray with an HVLP Spray Gun, or with a gelcoat application system. Seek a fine spray, and use the lowest pressure that allows an even spray fan. (approximately 40 psi). A 1.8 mm tip is recommended.
  • The first coat should be a light dust coat. The dust coating does not completely cover the surface. Wait at least two minutes, and apply another light coat. After two additional minutes, begin build coats of 4-5 mils per pass, waiting 2 minutes or more between passes.
  • Apply at least 18 mils for even and complete cure. . Recoat before the Topcoat has set up and lost its tack. If the Topcoat cures completely wait at least eight hours, sand, and recoat.
  • Additional solvent is not needed for most spray guns. If solvent is required, do not add Acetone or Styrene. Duratec Thinner is the best choice. High quality urethane reducers are good choices. Lacquer Thinners are not recommended.
  • Sand when the primer has cured. Start with the finest paper that will remove the surface profile. If sprayed well, 220 or 320 grit paper is a good starting point.
  • Wait at least eight hours from the start of sanding before polishing or topcoating.
  • Aqua Buff 1000 and Aqua Buff 2000 are good choices for compounding and polishing Hi-Gloss Topcoat. Use Aqua Buff GlossMaster and a foam pad for final finishing.
Product Properties: Measured at 77°F, 25°C, at the time of manufacture  
Viscosity as measured on a Brookfield Visometer Model RFG, Spindle #5 at 2.5 rpm 1000 cps
Thixotropic 4
Gel Time: Sample based upon a 100 g mass, catalyzed with 2% Norox 925 12-15 min
Weight per Gallon 8.7 lb, 3.95 kg
Coverage per Gallon:  
10 mil thickness (wet-dry) 160 ft2-125 ft2
250 micron thickness (wet-dry) 15 m2 -12 m2

Please view the Technical Data Sheet and Application Guide below for additional information on cure times, application methods, and equipment needed to properly use this material.

Technical Data Sheet and Application Guide Duratec 1904-045 TDS
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