Water-Jet Cutting Service


We can custom cut anything you need using our techjet waterjet system. We can cut a wide variety of materials including aluminum, carbon fiber, fiberglass, steel, plexiglass, granite, rubber, wood and many more. We have the ability to take your template and mass produce your item in record time. We can do custom cad work ourselves if a design is sent in to us, or you can supply the cad (dxf/dwg) file yourself. We are able to cut nearly any thickness of material from .010" to nearly 6" thick. Our waterjet uses a pressurized stream of water to pierce the material at over 55,000 psi. Waterjet cutting gives an advantage over laser cutting due to the superior edge quality of the cuts. This will reduce 2nd hand finishing costs of your product. We are also able to cut many more materials than a laser cutting system.

We are able to take on your simple one-off project but we are also capable of doing production runs on larger quantities . We are able to work with you directly in every step of the process to turn your idea into a reality.