Vacuum Infusion Starter Kit

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Selecting the right materials for the vacuum infusion process just got easier with our pre-made kits. These kits include all of the materials you need to give vacuum infusion a try on your own. You can use these kits to produce parts entirely from carbon fiber, Kevlar, fiberglass or any other composite material. You will receive the following materials with the kit. We have 4 different kit sizes that will fit your needs.

Please note the image shown is of the Complete Infusion System Kit. The Small, Medium, and Large kits will not include the vacuum pump or fitting, catch pot, pliers, resin, adhesive and Carbon Fiber fabric. Items and quantities included in each size kit are listed below.

This kit includes the standard infusion materials needed to make a part. Since many people are switching over from vacuum bagging and may have a pump or their own fabrics we are just making the kit for the infusion supplies. If you do not have any materials you will need to purchase our complete infusion kit that will have everything you need to make a part. This is not a cheap kit like many places online are selling. These items are the same items used in composite shops across the world. Featuring well known, brand name products from the composite industry such as Airtech, General Sealants, CCP, and 3M

Line Item Model Item and Purpose Small Materials Kit Medium Materials Kit Large Materials Kit  Complete Infusion System Kit
 1 F-1902 Carbon Fiber 2x2 Twill High Density Specialists Fabric – Easy to work with fabric that conforms well and gives great cosmetics.       3 Yards (50"x108")
 2 2427-.75_Gallon|2429-.25_Gallon Composite Envisions Infusion Epoxy Medium Cure Kit       .75 Gallon Resin w/ .25 Gallon Hardener
 3 1303 CE Flow Media 47" Resin Flow Medium – This goes on top of the peel ply and allows the resin to flow through the part. 2 Yards 4 Yards 8 Yards 4 Yards
 4 1952 Airtech Wrightlon 5400 Nylon Vacuum Bagging Film 60” – This goes over the part and will be secured with tacky tape. Creates an airtight zone to hold materials in place. 3 Yards 5 Yards 10 Yards 5 Yards
 5 1313 Airtech Econostitch Peel Ply 59" – This fabric goes on top of your last layer of fabric to make sure the materials needed to make the part do not stick to your final part. Also gives a slightly textured finished look to the backside of the part. 2 Yards 4 Yards 8 yards 4 Yards
 6 503 Tacky Tape Sealant – Very sticky tape that is used to make an airtight vacuum seal and will seal any leaks. Comes in 25ft long rolls. 2 Rolls 3 Rolls 5 Rolls 3 Rolls
 7 509 Spiral Wrap Tubing – 3/8" OD - Makes channels in your bag where you will direct resin flow 25 Ft 25 Ft 50 Ft 25 Ft
 8 499 Resin Supply Line and Vacuum Infusion Line – 3/8" ID / 1/2" OD - This line is used to transfer resin from the mixed resin bucket to your part inside the bag 10 Ft 25 Ft 25 Ft 25 Ft
 9 512 Flanged Clamping Pliers – Used to clamp the resin feed line and stop flow of resin.       2 pc
 10 1589-002 Barb Fitting for Pump - 1/4" NPT male thread with fitting for 3/8" ID Line.       1 pc
 10 1589-004 Barb Fitting for Pump - 1/4" NPT female thread with fitting for 3/8" ID Line.       1 pc
 11 1895 Polyethylene T-Fittings – 3/8" - Creates an attachment point for your feed and vacuum lines to the spiral wrap. 3/8" OD spiral wrap works with these fittings. 6 pcs 12 pcs 18 pcs 12 pcs
 12 447 3m Super 77 Spray Adhesive – Used to hold down materials if necessary       1 Can
 13 1139 Vacuum Pump 4-cfm 2-Stage       1 pc
 14 986 Resin catch pot – Provides a storage of vacuum pressure to compensate for pump fluctuations and also creates a break point to prevent resin from being sucked into your vacuum pump.       1 pc

All of the items in the kit are available for purchase individually in our store. If you run out of a certain material we can sell any single item by itself. We take care of your materials and make sure they are always rolled onto tubes for shipment. We have purchased kits from our competitors all over the world and we have received materials that are folded. This can create a pinch point which can put a hole in your material and cause you endless trouble. As a full time composite shop, we know how you need to receive your materials in order to have the least amount of issues throughout your project.

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