Secrets of the Overlay - The Precision Upgrade

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Secrets of the Overlay - The Precision Upgrade

This 2 Disk Set - Includes both classroom instruction, and workshop training to provide detailed step by step demonstrations on applying real carbon fiber and composite materials to anything. These videos feature many of Composite Envisions' specialty fabrics from Carbon/Zylon Hybrids to our Reflections line of materials. We also carry all the materials and tools used in these videos to help you get going on your projects immediately. Approximate run time 117 min.

Exhaustive 2 Disc DVD Training

Part of the CARBON FIBER MASTER SERIES, "Secrets of the Overlay The Precision Upgrade" is a comprehensive instructional course developed to teach you how to use carbon fiber, exotic hybrid fabrics, and other composite materials to overlay any part and produce a beautiful precision upgrade finish.

Classroom Disc

In the classroom training you'll gain all the foundational knowledge and technical skills required to properly prepare a part for an overlay. This training disc will cover assessment, repairs, modifications, planning and project design which are all critical preliminary tasks that must be executed before beginning a professional overlay upgrade.

Workshop Disc

The workshop training disc goes behind the scenes to reveal the methods used to execute a project from start to finish, using step by step, real time instruction, and demonstrations. You'll be introduced to unique dry layup and fabric backing techniques that are critical for controlling the weave of delicate materials. This disc will also highlight the advantages of vacuum bagging and teach you how to apply clear coats to produce a show stopping professional finish.
The techniques found in this instructional course will allow anyone to produce exceptional quality results using Carbon fiber, Aramid, Epoxies, and composite techniques without the requirement for expensive tools or equipment to execute stunning, precision overlay upgrades of the highest quality on any part.