Roll Wrapped Carbon Fiber Tube Twill Weave Gloss Finish - 48" long

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Roll Wrapped Carbon Fiber Tube Twill Weave Gloss Finish 48" long - Measurements come in at  x 1220mm/48" in length. This carbon fiber tube uses high strength unidirectional T-700 equivalent carbon fiber core with an epoxy resin system to ensure a strong rigid tube that will meet your needs. In addition to this high strength uni core this tube is finished with a beautiful 2x2 twill weave carbon fiber and then given a gloss finish. Due to raw material constraints it is hard to create pipes exactly at a specific measurement unless they are built over-sized and machined down so that is why our pipes may be a few thousandths off from our ideal measurement we are trying to match.

This tube is available in 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1.25", 1.5", & 2" OD diameters.

Outside Diameter Inside Diameter
13mm/.512" 11mm/.434"
19mm/.748" 17mm/.670"
25mm/.984" 23mm/.906"
32mm/1.260" 29mm/1.142"
38mm/1.496" 35mm/1.378"
51mm/2.008" 48mm/1.890"


Tube Specs:  
Length 1220mm/48"
Tolerances OD +/- 0.1mm/.004"
Tolerances ID +/- 0.05mm/.002"
Tolerances Length +/- 1mm/.04"
Weight 2.24oz/63.5g

We offer many composite tubing varieties if this tube does not meet your needs. We offer pultruded materials in round solid bar, pipe, and square bar/tubing. Upon special order all of our unique fabrics can be converted into piping.