Silver Aluminized Fiberglass

Here is a selection of silver aluminized fiberglass panels that we produce. These panels use silver aluminized fiberglass fabric and are hardened using quality crystal clear resin to give a water-clear appearance. For more detailed information, click on an item below. If you don't see a size that will work for you, please e-mail us and we can quote you for a custom panel.

To ensure longevity of the panel, we highly recommend a clear coat with UV Protection be applied to the face of the panel for panels which will be exposed to sunlight.

Note: Lead times for standard panels listed on our site will range from 1-5 business days. We try to stock as many panels as we possibly can but with the limitless number of size, thickness and color combinations, sometimes it is not possible. If your order is time sensitive please call and check to confirm availability and the current approximate lead time for your order.

If you are in need of the raw fabric used to produce these panels please click here.