Rexco - Formula Five Mold Stripper - 1 Gal

Ground Only

FORMULA FIVE® Mold Stripper is a heavy duty cleaner used to clean most mold surfaces including those composed of metal or thermoset composites (fiberglass). Formulated to dwell on mold surface and leach out and react with contaminants, FORMULA FIVE® Mold Stripper dissolves resin deposits and styrene buildup. Can also be used to aid in removal of semipermanent release agents. Allows contaminates to be wiped or washed off the mold surface. Effectively combats resin and styrene build up on mold surfaces and mold scumming. FORMULA FIVE® Mold Stripper is especially recommended for closed molding operations and is also effective for deep cleaning of highly detailed mold surfaces, engineered surfaces and non-skid. FORMULA FIVE® Mold Stripper is a more aggressive cleaner than FORMULA FIVE® Wax Stripper and may be used to remove most thermoset resin residues including polyester, vinylester, epoxy, phenolics, and polyurethane. FORMULA FIVE® Mold Stripper also aids in the removal of cured semi-permanent mold releases. Best used on warm molds up to 130 ºF (54 ºC).

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