Rexco - Formula Five Clean 'N Glaze Mold Buffing Compound - 32oz

Ground Only


Formula Five Clean 'N Glaze mold buffing compound gently polishes away build-up, fine scratch marks, and surface hazing from fiber glass molds and plugs while leaving behind a durable hi-luster foundation for the releasing wax. Use of a power buffer is recommended for this application. This two in one operation, cleaner and glaze, contributes to maximum productivity and flawless parts each cycle. Formula Five Clean 'N Glaze is not a cutting compound safe for use with all production molds and plugs. Formula Five Clean 'N Glaze is an effective cleaner for gel-coat surfaces, shiny metals and rubber boat rub strips; will remove chalking (oxidation) from gel coated surfaces including boats, tubs and cultured marble, and restore shine. Better, long-lasting shine with less work. Simple, effective, economical. Formula Five Clean 'N Glaze is used widely for cleaning of fiberglass buckets and booms on hydro electric service vehicles. Packaged in 32 fl. oz. (0.95 Liter) squeeze bottles with convenient flip top.

SDSFormula Five Clean 'N Glaze SDS

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