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Carbon Fiber Fabric 2x2 Twill12k 668gsm/19.7oz 50"

Daniel Montano
Recently bought a few yards of 12k 2x2 twill fabric. It arrived quickly and well packed (rolled, not folded). The fabric is BEAUTIFUL; its almost a shame to impregnate it with epoxy. Weave is perfect. Tight weave, very little spacing in between tows, no edge fraying, and not a single tow out out of place. They take great pride in their products and offer the best prices you will ever find. I wont buy from anywhere else for anything and everything composites related....

Hot Pink Mirage™ Carbon Fiber Fabric 2x2 Twill 50" 3k 290gsm 8.6oz High Density

Przemyslaw Tyrtania
I love this color, becomes a bit darker when you apply a few coats of resin, looks much better then purple....

Purple Mirage™ Carbon Fiber Fabric 2x2 Twill 50" 3k 290gsm 8.6oz High Density

Przemyslaw Tyrtania
Very dark purpple, almost black, not quite what is in picture.

Carbon Fiber/LMFG Stabilized Fabric 2x2 Twill 3k 206.31gsm/6.1oz 50"

Alexander Solis
My most favorite of all fabrics. The low melt strands keep the fabric fibers aligned when laminating. It is also perfect for those cosmetic finishes. I give it 5 stars and I recommend this excellent quality material....

Rexco - Partall Coverall Film - Purple - 1 Gal

christopher bradshaw
first time i vaccum bagged a part, after using waxes for just layering fiberglass up. i used this to go the cheaper route while vaccumm bagging a carbon tail piece and it released perfectly as it can for a part having allot of hard edges. will keep using...

Ballistic Spectra Fabric Plain Weave 50" 2.6oz

David R Massey
very interesting material. still have 26yard of 34x34 pic 50"wide. people said all these thin tight weaves can't be of use because of poor wet out. they can be used but not by amatures. in my opinion this 2.6oz might be a tricky center layer between layers of 18x18 pick 1-K carbon for a very light absolute rip proof body panel on the track. I use 630epoxy&115hardener. obviously not a cheep combination! made zylon/spetra/Kevlar ballistic panels for my war buds to plink at the rock quarry,they had fun that day...